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November 18 2017

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The Incredibles (2004)


remember that reddit post about that guy who hated his roommate’s boyfriends and then reddit helped him realize it was actually jealousy and he was in love with his roommate without realizing it and then they started dating.

where’s the klance au of this

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The Birthday Bro!

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jungkook successfully evading the question

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[jin w his lil sugar glider on his shoulder, holding its tiny paw]

me: life.. is worth living


apparently jin was nervous abt showing his sugar gliders bc he didn’t want young people to think they were easy to take care of

it makes me so happy that jin knows and cares so much about his gliders and takes note of how specific they are

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“he’s the youngest boy of the team” - namjoon (© EATME)

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much love for army

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seriously could he be any cuter?

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Japanese photographer Chino Otsuka’s took old photos from her childhood and put pictures of her present self in them, creating lovely double self-portraits.

November 17 2017

Citation Needed BINGO!



Citation Needed is a Youtube “game show” hosted by Tom Scott, who has an almost randomly selected Wikipedia article and the “contestants” Chris Joel (He reads book you know), Gary Brannan (Everyone’s favourite Gary Brannan) and Matt Gray (The Bounciest Man on the Internet) have to guess what it’s about. For every fact they get right they get a point, and for particularly good answers they get MYSTERY BISCUITS.

Below are a selection of BINGO Boards I made for the show. They’ll give you an idea of the common themes. Please keep in mind that they are all British so there is a lot of British humour and references.

Link to official Citation Needed playlist:- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL96C35uN7xGIo2odDuuPeYtb7BtQ1kBhp

Keep reading

OMG I LOVE CITATION NEEDED i’m going to have to try these







Jesus: One of you will betray Me

Judas:  Surely you don’t mean me



Judas: *betrays jesus*


Peter: We would never abandon you, Lord. I’d die first!


Peter after being asked if he knew Jesus:


Thomas: *after the resurrection* “Jesus can’t be alive! He’s dead! It’s impossible!”







debate: is a really long sword-length but still otherwise knife-like knife valid to be considered a knife, or is it now a sword because it’s long


It’s a knword and it’s Valid

I don’t wanna like Kill The Joke but this brings up a really cool fact about swords in ~14th-16th century Germany! The only people who were allowed to own Real Swords were the royalty and nobility BUT! Everyone else was allowed to own knives. The definition of a knife, however, was based on not length but handle construction, and to some extent how it was sharpened. The handle had to be constructed Like So with 2 pieces of wood sandwiching the metal tang.

Only one edge was allowed to be sharpened, but oftentimes a small part (a couple inches) of the short edge (e.g. the edge that wasn’t sharp) would be sharpened, and weapon design often allowed for this

In this way, something that looked like This, a messer of just over a meter in length…

…would be legally considered a knife, and therefore allowable for non-nobility to possess. (you can also see the bit on the back of the tip that would be sharpened)

So @swordmutual, there’s a not definitive but certainly interesting historical perspective on your question

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i just feel like you guys should see this thread about foxes

For some reason, when biologists want to describe “the assemblage of morphological features shared among many members of a phylum-level group” we say bauplan. Which is German for “body plan.” But even if you don’t speak German you say “bauplan” anyway. So this is a very hilarious Social Media Discourse from someone who has forgotten that the word “bauplan” is an instant giveaway that you are actually a biologist and that makes it fantastic it’s like when robots try to pretend that they’re human but better

omg love

#yes good

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So apparently Voltron: Unsolved is a thing, but no one seems to have done the Sad Version™ :)

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