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The Foxes and The Eurovision Song Contest


Bitch, Nicholas Esteban Hemmick watches Eurovision every year and he absolutely forces the Foxes to join him: 

  • for the whole week Eurovision takes place, Nicky is 100% German
  • he trash talks every neighbor country who didn’t give their votes to Germany and speaks with we/us to everything Germany-related.
  • “The Audacity! That’s it, we’re invading Austria!” 
  • “You and what army, Hemmick!”
  • “Fuck off, Leprechaun.”
  • he also steals the TV remote, hides the cables for the videogame console, unplugs the antenna to make sure nobody tries to watch anything else, THIS IS HIS TIME AND HE’S STAKING HIS CLAIM
  • he Skype’s Erik the whole time of the event, and they bitch about connection the perfect amount of time for someone in their situation, okay?
  • Nicky loves his family very much the whole year, so if during Eurovision he sabotages Neil and Kevin, the only real enemies, that is his own version of Cheat Day
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